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Story Feature : My Field Trip Experience

Field Trips are the best. Young students look forward to it because not only will they have fun with their classmates, they will venture outside the school as well. Here is Isabelle’s story.  Yesterday, February 15, 2019, we had our field trip. It was so much fun. Our first...

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Story Feature : My Unforgettable Experience

A short written piece can tell so much about a child’s experience and how much he remembers. Here is Adon’s unforgettable experience. My unforgettable experience was when I was 1 year old until now, I can’t swim. Also when I was 1 year old til 6 years old, I...

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Story Feature : The Search for the Cure

Read this amazing fan fiction about 2 Disney Princesses by Isabelle from UEC Batangas. There were two princesses from two different kingdoms. Ariel, the little mermaid, was swimming around her kingdom underwater when she noticed that there were a lot of fishes that looked odd. Curious and worried because...

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Story Feature : Trip to USA

Let Maria Shanaia from UEC Batangas take you to the USA during one of her vacation in this short story. My Family and I went to the USA last Christmas. When we arrived there, we saw a famous restaurant near the airport named Panda Express. Every time we order...

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Story Feature : Wishing Stairs

In her own way. Christia from UEC Batangas, retells a spooky story about two ballerina friends in this short story entitled Wishing Stairs.  Once upon a time there was a two girls named Rose and Jisoo. They are ballerinas. All of the girls practice. Rose is Secretary of Teacher...

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Story Feature : Movie with Classmates

Do you remember the first movie you watched with your closest friends? Idania, our AWIS student from UEC Batangas remembers. Read her story below!   It was a Friday morning and I woke up to the sound of my mother knocking on our door; so I got up and...

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Story Feature : Lenn the Fairy

Adon, a Young Author from UEC Batangas, introduces us to a brave fairy named Lenn and how the feisty little creature stood up for her kind.  Once upon a time, there was a fairy named Lenn. Lenn was a stunning, blushed and a breathless person. She also loved animals,...

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Story Feature : Dear Santa Claus

The happiest season of all is coming! Have you already written a letter to Santa? Try it! Just like what our student from UEC Batangas did. Dear Santa Claus, Merry Christmas! Santa, I gave you this letter so I can put my wishes and I can greet you by...

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