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Be a Young Grammar Master with English Rules! – an online English class for Kids

 Grammar is the cornerstone of English Language mastery. Mastering grammar enables the speaker and the writer to be confident that whatever he expresses in English is understood and appreciated. Most importantly, bad grammar can turn around a good impression each and every time. Unfortunately, parents only realize this when their children are already attending interviews for their first jobs. They both know that they are good in problem solving or they have tons of potential but how come they don’t get past the written exams or the initial interview? The culprit : Bad Grammar.

English is a second language to use Filipinos and learning a second language is best started at an early age. The older children get, the harder it is for their minds (and tongues) to absorb a new language and its rules. Unique English Classroom has a solution for kids (and parents)! UEC is offering an online class for kids who want to learn and master grammar.

Suitable for Ages: 9 to 12 years old
Length of Course: 12 sessions
What can I expect at the end of the course? The child will have written a complete story with great (if not minimal errors in) grammar
Core Focus: Mastering Grammar
Secondary Focus: essay writing, parts of speech, articles and writing complete sentences among others.
Learning Goals: Build Confidence in the English Language & Build vocabulary

To know more about our program, you may visit our website or our Facebook Page.

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