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AWIS Story Feature : A Princess and Travelers: A Stone to Find

The Unique English Classroom is proud of our 9 year old young author – Kaira from UEC West Avenue. Check out her story below about the god of bullies and an amazing powerful stone!


A Princess and Travelers: A Stone to find

By: Kaira

Chapter One: A Born Hero

Once upon a time, in a galaxy of Greek myths, the god of bullies, Aness, would push Athena whenever he sees her. This made her mad. She told her father Zeus, the King of Gods, about it. Zeus would put Aness back to the Underworld and because Athena was his sister. But why? People ask. Because, well, no God knows. Even Zeus himself can’t tell why.

Now, back to the story. Once, Aness stole the Stone ofLife. Worse, there would be no life beautiful. Isn’t it amazing? Stealing the Stone of Life is a dream come true!” Aness said.

Then, a princess was born. Her name was Lisa.

Chapter 2: My Life

As the years passed, Lisa grew strong and courageous like she should as an Amazon princess. Lisa never got a bad grade in school. Lisa was the smartest of her class. Lisa would get gifts from her very close friends, Miram and Rosabella. Lisa loved her life and her freedom. It was like a blessing! And every thing she had…

Chapter 3: Quest

Lisa’s morning routine was like no other, because it was never different. Until one day, Lisa was combing her hair then she got a letter from her father saying:

Dear Lisa,

My travels have been full of adventure and greatness. In one of them, I have found a lost prophecy, saying that you are chosen to bring back the legendary Stone of Life. I bid safety on your journey.


Your father, Lionel

But that will take forever. I suppose I could do it next year”, Lisa said. But Lisa’s mother, Lilith, had heard her. And now she knew that her daughter was chosen to find the missing Stone of Life. Oh no, you will, Lisa! You will at any chance you get. It is your destiny, “her mother said. “I know mother, but it is such a great task to do! Will I ever be able to do it? “Lisa asked. “Yes, you will, my Lisa. You can do it! Now go, pack your things, and I’ll have a horse ready for you, “her mother replied.  Lisa nodded gratefully, then ran upstairs to pack her things. After packing, Lisa went downstairs to find a horse waiting for her. Her mother embraced her, then waved goodbye as Lisa mounted her horse. This is a great journey ahead of me

Chapter 4: West Myth

West of Myth

A long time ago, in Myth Land, there were only North Myth and South Myth, and a lot of people would get easily confused with what direction they were in, so the 2 kings (King Crete and Troy) decided to add 2 new kingdoms: West Myth and East Myth. The kings of these new kingdoms were Julius and his brother Romulus, and together their kingdoms were peaceful.

Chapter 5: Aness’ Battle

After 3 days of searching, Lisa found nothing. She reluctantly went back to her tent and started packing, when she saw a stone carved with the words:

The person who stole the Stone of Life is the god of bullies, Aness

She ventured into Aness’ hideout, then bravely asked him if he had the Stone or not. “Mortal, I do have the Stone. If you want it back, you must defeat me. And how will you do that?!” Aness burst out laughing.Aness then released his most dangerous beast, Taurus, the king of minotaurs into the maze. Aness picked up Lisa with his gigantic hand and threw her into the maze. Scared, Lisa found a sword that was encrusted with diamonds and emeralds hidden in a wooden chest. I must use this sword to defeat the minotaur. She continued down to the center of the maze and saw Taurus. She remembered the deeds the courageous hero, Theseus did to defeat this bull once, and she must do it once again.

Frightened, she placed the sword down and started to do a super silly dance she thought would distract the minotaur. As he laughed she grabbed her sword and beheaded the minotaur.

Chapter 6: DEFEAT

“YES! I defeated the minotaur once and for all!” As she marched up to Aness.    “NO!! This is fantasy, FANTASY, I say! No mere mortal has ever come out alive from here!!” shouted Aness in defeat. “Mortal or not, give me the Stone, Aness!” “Oh, how demanding,but this is not the end, I say, not the end.Sure, Anessyou may be right, but an Amazon always fight back. As Lisa arrived home an amazing surprise appeared in her eyes. “Father you’re here what a pleasant surprise”. As she embraced her father. Now I must put back the STONE OF LIFE. As she placed the stone on the Temple Of; Demeter. “Thank you for brining, back the stone of life Lisa”. Gently said Demeter as she thankfully gave the stone life. “Lisa you made it” her friends shouted in delight. “Unfortunately our Island no longer hidden we might face great pain’’ said Lisa’s mother in pain. As army of soldiers prepared to attack the island. “We have to attack mother or it’s all over we have to summon our best Amazons to use the most pointy arrows, the sharpest swords we have to protect the island we have to attack them”. Suddenly an idea had happened. “The stone of life we can use the stone of life we can use it”. As she held up the stone and the stone and the soldiers were blasted of.    




Sorry for short chapters

P.S Please try to watch Percy Jackson

Thanks for reading 😀


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