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Developed in Singapore by media and education specialists, AWIS is the most popular program in U.E.C.
Each child at the end of the full course will walk away with their very own book compiled with stories written by the entire class. He will get to hold the book in his hands and show it off to family and friends. Or a keepsake to show him when he gets older!

The prelude to the champion programs, AWIS focuses on developing their English Language to an advance level, getting your child ready for the Young Author award and also their high school and Entrance Exams (without telling them so!).
Your Child will

Core Focus:

  • Higher order of Grammar, comprehension and writing skills
  • Higher order Logical reasoning and creativity

What my child gets out of AWIS program:

  • Increment of vocabulary usage and application
  • Ability to produce and construct coherent sentences and ideas on people, things and events.
  • Develop creativity and logic reasoning and confidence to express thoughts.
  • Develop higher communication skills and comprehension
  • A compilation of the best stories in a specially-designed volume specially created by your child

This is the best program if you are interested to spark your child’s interest in reading, develop language and vocabulary

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