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Asleep or Dead? | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Creative Writing Competition Branch Level 2020


“Fat! Wake up!” As I have heard that from my mother, I fastly stood up to get ready for school. I took a bath, ate my breakfast and hurriedly went to go in the car to go to school. Without knowing, I had rode and jumped into a car that I haven’t been on before. “This is weird, why does this car doesn’t have any knobs to open the car door?” I said. After a minute, I’ve arrived at the front of my school. I was shocked because it takes 20 minutes so I can arrive at my school. The doors of the car suddenly disappeared at my sight saying, “What the h-?! How could that possibly happen?!” I went outside as fast as I could then after running and I looked back, the car was gone!

I went inside our school and I saw something that I haven’t seen before. I’ve seen children, children that I have never met before. I’ve been wondering that why these 5-8 year old looking children are are doing in my high school? I was curious, so I asked a kid staring at the window. I curiously asked, “Hey kid, how old are you?” the kid answered, “I am 6 years old. Why?”. I got shocked so I asked what is he doing here. “May I ask what are you doing here?” I asked. He replied, “Oh! I’m preparing for my test but I need to take a rest first by looking at the views of the beautiful buildings across the streets.”. I then answered, “Beautiful buildings?! Isn’t that space covered with trees as the last time I went here?”. The kid responded, “No! Our teacher who went here to school last 30 years ago told us that the buildings right over there were trees at first but they had been cut down to make these buildings”. I got shocked! I gasped and run and thinking what is happening. My thoughts are currently spinning fast and don’t know where to place after seeing these things.

So I went outside to go and take some air. I sat at the bench and kept asking myself, “Why do weird things kept on appearing today?” I closed my eyes, and then I’ve heard something saying my name. I opened my eyes slowly, I then saw my best friend Yvonne, taking a walk with her dog. “Hey how have you been?” she said. “I kept on seeing weird things” I replied. I got curious because Kelpie, her dog, just died after eating a whole bar of chocolate when we were 10 years old. So I asked, “Isn’t that Kelpie?” “He already died right?” “How on earth—?!” I asked while I’m trembling in fear. “Oh, yes!” “This is Kelpie” “He was cloned last 30 years ago, didn’t you remember?” “You were with me at that time!” she replied. I scraped my fingers on the bench hoping that it is not real. I inquisitively asked, “What year is it today?”. She answered, “2050”. I was stunned! My eyes were opened extensively and answered “Tw- Twent- TWENTY FIFTY?!” She briefly answered, “Yeah”. I stood up and ran to go home.

While running, I saw cars without wheels. I just saw them floating on the air. I asked the man who is sitting at the bus station-waiting shed asking, “Excuse me, but why do these cars float on the sky?” He replied, “Duh, it is 2050!” Well, it is really 2050.

So while walking before going home I kept on asking myself that how do these things happen after I woke up from my sleep? I saw robots with people, I saw kids on the big billboards with great achievements even when they’re young, I saw on the big screen news that there is now a way to cure cancer! I guess it is really 2050 because many things have already improved. I see the enhancements of the politicians that they helped other people who struggled with poverty. It really did change, not as the same way as the early 2010s that happened.

As soon as that I’ve reached the house, the house changed a lot. It became more modernized unlike it was before. I went in and it’s cool! It has a face recognition that can recognize me to go inside the house. After going in, I saw my mom just sitting and watching television on the couch. I asked, “Mom, why aren’t you doing anything?”, she replied, “We have CP25 to do the chores.”. I replied, “Okay, are there any snacks?” she replied, “Yes just go check the fridge”. So after getting and eating snacks, I went to my mom and asked here on what is going on and how is the year today 2050. Where I just slept on 2020 and it went fast for 30 years.

So I went to the living room and asked mom things depending on the situations and how did it happened. So I first asked, “Mom, what year is it today?”. She replied, “It is 2050”. I asked how did it happened and she started to tell how did it happen.

“It was 3 days before your 15th birthday. We were planning to go to South Korea to celebrate your birthday and to celebrate Christmas. You were full of excitement because you searched all the places that we are going to visit especially going to KPOP Entertainment Buildings and the places where K-Drama actors and actresses shot their scenes. You can’t sleep at that time because you were so happy. We packed our things and we are now ready and good to go. But things went downhill. We went inside the car and we’re on our way to the airport. It was on heavy traffic so your dad went to find a way to go at the airport quickly so we can go to the airport early to prevent the plane from leaving us. So your dad found a route that is not quite safe because the road is purely damaged and almost a thousand of people died while they were going to enter on that road. A lot of rumors say that there are hidden killers on the side of the bushes. They throw grenades, bombs and they shoot their guns straight on the head. But I told your dad not to go there but still, with his stubbornness, he still drove the car there. After a minute or two, there was nothing and he said, “I told you that there is nothing wrong with this road”. But after he said that, guns started to shoot out and grenades were being thrown out at the car. You were sleeping at that time so you really don’t know anything at that time. Your dad was shot straight on his head and I was bombed on the foot. That’s why I can’t walk and I stay in this couch. I have my high-technology wheelchair so I can go in my room. Anyways, let’s go back to the story, so I was bombed on my foot and you woke up then stood on the car seat then suddenly, you were being shot on the back. Thank god that I had my phone and pressed the button 3 times to call 911. The ambulances went there fast and thank god that no destroyers were able to attack them because they were armored with the help of the police. Hence, we are at the Emergency room at that time and all doctors and nurses were helping each other to save our lives. Unluckily, your dad died because he has loosened too much blood. Thank God that we were being saved by the doctors. You went to several surgeries and you took coma for 20 years. Then you forgot all the things that happened for 10 years. So you just stayed at your room. You were happened to have a memory loss where you can’t remember this”.

I was sad after hearing this. I went through a hard time. I asked my mom if we could visit dad after knowing all of this. And yes we did. We went to his grave and stayed there to feel the presence of what he has done for us. THE END…

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