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Amira’s Fear | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

“So, why have you came here?” The Therapist asked me.
“Well you see I have this fear I had when I was little.” I answered.
“When did you have this fear of yours?” The Therapist asked me.
“I… don’t know.” I answered her. “Well it can’t be nothing!” She told me. “If you can’t answer that, then what WAS your fear?” She asked again. “It’s about my Imaginary friend I made as a kid..” I answered.
“She scares me..” I continued.

{Tomorrow, Friday, September 24, 2001}

“Well hi, my name is Amira Ann. I am a 15 year old girl, that haven’t overcome her fear yet. I had a friend, an Imaginary one when I was a kid. Somehow she became real. She keeps scaring me when I was 9, I was terrified. I became pale and skinny, it’s because of her.”

*Falls Down*

“Ow, my knee!” I said, “Are you okay Amira?” My friend asked me. “Yes I am” I replied. “Hey, your mom said to drink this every morning.” My friend told me. I took the pills, and drank it, since it’s 8:00 am. I felt dizzy, but then… I finally saw her my fear. She was all bloody and dark, NOT like before. She’s not like this, no..

Then I fainted, for 3 days I was asleep.

{3 Days after she fainted, Tuesday, September 28, 2001}

I woke up in a hospital, with my mom crying. “M-mom? Why are you cry-“ I got interrupted by my mom. “Amira! I’m so worried about you!” My mother exclaimed.

“What happened to you? What did you do?” My mother asked. “I drank your pills then I fainted…” I said.

{The next day, Wednesday, September 29, 2001}

I couldn’t imagine of what just happened, it’s time to face my fear. Once and for all!

So I went to the living room, and asked my mother. “Mother may I go to my Therapist?”. “Why so?” She asked, “It’s because I have an appointment with her.” I said. “Ok, but come home BEFORE 6:00” Mother concluded. So I set off and went to my Therapist. But before I went to my Therapist, I thought stop by Mcdolnalds and buy something to eat. But then something hooked my attention, meanwhile I said to myself “Don’t go and unless it’s done.” I said and concluded. So I walked forward to my Therapist and get an appointment. I reached my Therapist’s place, so I walked in and asked her assistant if I could go and have an appointment with her.

“Yeah sure, but you have to wait 30 minutes before you can go in.” The assistant told me. “But why?” I asked. “Ms. Smith, your Therapist has an appointment with someone already, so I’m afraid you have to wait miss.” Her assistant told me. So I sat and wait.

{30 minutes later on.}

“Ms. Ann? Ms. Smith is ready to have an appointment with you!” Her assistant said. So I walked to Ms. Smith’s office. “Hello Amira it’s good to see you again.” She greeted. “Yes it is ma’am!” I said. “Lay down, Amira.” She said. “Ok” I answered.

*Lays Down* “Okay now, still having trouble?” She asked. “Yes, but I’m ready to confront it!” I said Cheerfully. She wrote me something, and I wonder what is it. She handed it to me and said “Here you need all of these to confront it good luck.”

“Huh? What are these?” I asked. “Those are the stuff you need to defeat your fear. You will also create a Portal to an another dimension.” She answered me back. I looked at it and said “Hold up, how do I get” I got interrupted somehow. Ms. Smith pushed me outside and said quickly “Ok now bye!!” She shut the door behind me, and flipped the sign onto closed. “Well that was weird.” I said while rubbing my head. I saw on the paper and it says “ Overcome it with courage and strength. Always

believe in yourself. You have the three elements inside you. The HEART, SOUL, AND MIND.” I started to ask myself, “What in the world is happening right now?”

I looked back and saw a person DYING. The little girl kept screaming in pain, crying “PLEASE! HAVE MERCY! MY FATHER NEEDS TO LIVE!”. But instead, something else happened. *BANG* —-SILENCE—-

The Little girl started crying for her father, “W-why d-does this world show so much cruelty?”

I admit it the little girl IS right…. After I went home. {Thursday, September 30, 2001.}

Now is the day I WILL find myself the things I need for tomorrow. The whole day, this day I need to find those things, for me to overcome my greatest fear…

{After asking her mother to go out and explore}

“Well it’s now or never. Is it?” I said to myself. Walking to the bus stop to explore and to find it. I went to Los Angeles and Florida. Then by a helicopter I went to Australia, Vietnam, South Korea, and lastly the Philippines. I went back home by 9:30 pm.

{Friday, October 1, 2001}
Now is the time to face my fear, my imaginary friend…

I closed my eyes and counted 1..2..3, once I opened my eyes she was there. “Well, well, well~ LOOK what I have here!” She said in an UNFAMILIAR voice.

I stared at her and said “Well long time no see, eh? Well your going DOWN until I take you DOWN!” She looked me in the eyes fiercely, “Well I guess your not scared anymore, OF ME! You think you’ll win easily, HUH? Or maybe… NOT!” she said fiercely. I had the 3 elements with me the HEART, SOUL, AND MIND. These are building my courage and strength up. I will finally beat her.. MY FEAR!

The Light Shone within me, The light. It beamed out of me. And helped me defeat the fear, MY fear. “My fear, I will not let it take over me! I Amira Ann, have the will to have the courage and strength to have the light in me.” I cried. My fear is finally GONE. This is Amira Ann and this is my story about facing my FEAR.

And never let your fear take over you, because you’ll never know what will happen next.

The End of my story. Date; 10/22/2019

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