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This is the best program if you want your child to increase comprehension and understanding.

Focusing on comprehension and understanding, striving to go beyond just increasing your child’s proficiency in the English Language, each activity is designed to include learning invaluable soft and life skills.

A 48 session program with 1.5 hour sessions, your child gain better vocabulary and learn how to identify things around them.

Writing is also a cognate for the course, and thus Alphabet Learners also builds the skill of comprehension, sentence construction and coherence in ideas, sequencing and logical reasoning.

Your child will pick up 21st-century learning competencies through activities like Storytelling, which through the usage of communication, sequences and logical reasoning helps to increase your child’s intelligence competency.

Core Focus:

Comprehension and Sentence Coherence

What my child gets from Alphabet Learners:

  • To develop cognition and understanding of letters, numbers and children stories
  • To improve understanding of basic numeracy and language concepts.
  • To improve understanding of functions of daily activities,
  • To improve comprehension through understanding the meaning of different words and how context is used in different sentences
  • Increase children’s EQ and IQ in the world around them through team work and drama lessons

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