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Alphabet Authors ignites your child’s ability to visualise and create stories! Through listening and learning stories penned by Singapore’s very own young authors aged 8 to 12, your child can be on his way to create his own masterpiece! This program will engage your child to develop a love for English through poetry, drama and writing. What’s more, he will start writing his own masterpiece story and be featured online.

It is the foundation program before AWIS which introduces children to story writing and storytelling.

In Alphabet Authors Children will learn how to discover new words to tell their stories effectively; Share events that happen in their lives participants and use them to write short narratives; and to write a 150 to 200-word narrative based on a selected topic and theme and the story to be featured online.

Core Focus:

Story and Sentence Construction

What my child gets from Alphabet Authors:

  • Construct simple sentences that describe people, places and events
  • Write short narratives
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