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There is Definitely No Right or Wrong in Writing

Playdough has been in the toy industry since the 1950s. It is a fun, unrestrictive play item that allows children to mould whatever they want with the structure of the dough.


Children enjoy playdough because unlike other toys playdough does not have a fixed way to play; every child would do something different with the dough. This is how writing should be viewed by children – Unrestrictive and spontaneous. There is no fixed method or style of writing. There is no need to force anyone to write, just like a play toy, children should write when they feel like. And there is definitely no right or wrong in writing.



All primary school children are taught to write short stories in preparation for their composition exams. They are taught to always craft a story out of the backbone of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. While structure is important to every piece of writing, children should not feel restricted by structure. Instead, they should to flex their creativity by using flashbacks or starting their story in media res etc. Children should also not be afraid of writing seemingly unrealistic stories. After all, childhood is one of the most creative periods of one’s life. So, why not let the cows fly and the whales walk on land?


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