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A One Confusing Morning | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Creative Writing Competition Branch Level 2020


Once I was on my bed, wondering that what will the future look like then I closed my eyes and imagined what if I was in the future then a few minutes later I fell asleep.

When I woke up and I realized that I was not in my room then I went straight out of the room then I saw a woman sitting and she’s reading an old book while drinking a cup of coffee “Um… Miss, how did I get here?” I asked “I time traveled to your time last night and you want to see the future, so I picked you up. And these pancakes are yours” she said .I went to the dining room sat on the chair I taste the pancake and it was delicious, and I went back to the room I woke up and I saw some clothes on the bed and I tried it out and it fit perfectly, I went to the living room and I saw the woman already changed her clothes and she said “Are you ready to go outside?” I replied “Yes” we went outside I was amazed they have flying cars just like what I imagined of. I asked the woman again “Ma’am what year are we in?” “2050” she replied. A few seconds passed, the woman asked me “Would you mind I tell you something?” “Ok” I replied “I am the future you.” I was surprised when she said that and later I went back home using the time traveling machine. That became an awesome day. The End.

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