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A Camping Trip | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

One day a family was planning a family trip. They were thinking where to go. Then Emily said “Hm… Maybe a camping trip?” she said. But Sara said “Um.. a camping trip I don’t want to go camping”. Why sweetie?” her mother wonder. “it is too scary”. Sara said “No its not”. Emily said. The family next day they went to go camping. When they were in the car her father ask “Sara why are you scared to go camping?” Sara answered “um… because there are a lot of wild animals in the woods and we have to sleep in the tent. What if bad people were at the woods and also its too dark”. Her father laugh and said “HaHaHa!! Sara you are just a little girl you have so many stuff you think in your mind HaHa”. They were driving for an hour then.

They have arrive to their destination. Emily shouted “YaY!! We are here I LOVE CAMPING!” “Um.. Mom and dad can I stay here first place?” “NO”. her mom said “OK” she said in a sad voice they were setting camp site then Sara shouted “HELP!! AHAH HELP!”. Her family heard screaming the rush o Sara to help her. But Sara is screaming because there were a lot of bugs in the log she was sitting on. Her sister ask her why she was screaming. “why are you shouting? Are you ok?” Emily asked “No.. I am not because the log that I was sitting on has a lot of bugs ah!” Sara said. Then it was night Sara was so scared “Mom and Dad can I go to sleep know?” She said “ No we are still going for a hike” her father said. Then Emily said “don’t be a baby Sara, camping is not that scary” they went hiking then Sara saw a snake “OMG a snake no no I want to go home!” They stop to calm Sara down “Sara calm down” her father said. “snakes Sara are sometimes like a pet”. Emily said that Sara calmed down a little they so beautiful flowers and they so beautiful moon and the shining stars in the sky. “Wow the woods is beautiful I love it but I am still a little scared because its to dark” “don’t worry when we reach the top it is more beautiful. Then they reach the top it was so beautiful. No Sara know that the woods is beautiful.

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