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2050 | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Creative Writing Competition Branch Level 2020


I woke up in the morning. Hmm, why is it so hot? I decided to find out. As I walked outside of the house, I saw a weird car. A Tesla. Wait, why are Tesla cars in the Phillipines? And why is it so hot? I decided to find out by asking the police what year it is. As I moved along the ground, I saw trails of a … rocket? This is really weird. As I got to the police, I saw holographic devices being sold. Inside the police station, I asked what year is it. He said “Its 2050” I gaped then ran out of the building. One reason why is I wanted to see something. As I approached a power plant, I saw the thing I wanted to see. A fusion reactor. I gaped. After that I went back home. After 5 days, I read a newspaper saying that draftment has begun. Then, I heard a loud knock on my door. Then, I was conscripted into the army. I was conscripted because of war. A war on The Muslim nations of terror or TMNT, for short. I had some strict basic training, then went on to liberate Pakistan. At the landings, my COC Commanding officer said, “Be ready, its gonna be a huge blood bath”. Then, I heard a boom! Lots of booms. The CO told everyone that a landing craft was hit and sunken. We feared we were next. Then, the beach was very near. Then, the landing craft opened.

The End.

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